Ryan & Kelsy

September 7, 2019Heber City, UT, USA

Our Story
The Tale of Kelsy and Ryan

It was a vibrant fall afternoon in 2013 at the 24 Hour Fitness nestled away in a quiet neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah. A beautiful woman had music rushing through her headphones with her eyes focused, her breath heavy, and sweat dripping from her brow, she was in the middle of an exhausting workout when she was unexpectedly interrupted… “Are you using those weights? My name is Ryan by the way, it’s nice to meet you”. Slightly flustered and thinking ‘why did he ask me to use those weights, clearly I wasn’t and they’re not even that close to me’, the young woman gave the man her name before slipping her headphones back in to finish her workout. Who knew what the future had in store for these two twenty-somethings..

Kelsy and Ryan slowly begin hanging out together first in groups, then they started venturing off on their own for date nights, and their first trip came just a short two months later when Ryan asked Kelsy to go to Vegas with him and a bunch of his old fraternity brothers from his college days at the University of Utah.. He knew he found a keeper when she agreed to put up with the ensuing shenanigans! They continued spending more and more time with each other into their first holiday season when Ryan invited Kelsy to join him and his family in Park City on Christmas Eve 2013. Kelsy had the opportunity to meet Ryan’s mother, Patricia, which to this day still means the world to him. As the new year turned, Ryan met Kelsy’s mother, father, and sister for the first time… at the University Hospital after Kelsy had to be taken into the emergency room with devastating stomach pain (shout out to P.F. Chang!) and all things considered, he thought it went well.

By the time they tie the knot, Kelsy and Ryan will have been dating for nearly six years, they will have been through countless moves to new homes/apartments, lived together in two different states with a short stint in another country, had several job promotions and professional designations added to their resumes, expanded their family with the addition of two cats (Hallow and Boo) and a dog (Shadow), and turned a house into their home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are excited to share our special day with the people who have been there along our journey and who mean the most with us!

The Wedding

Saturday, September 7, 2019
Timber Moose Lodge
Other Events

The Rehearsal Dinner - by invitation only
Friday, September 6, 2019
6:00 PM
The Corner Restaurant
195 W Main St, Midway, UT 84049, USA

This event is by invitation only and your attendance will be confirmed by speaking with either Ryan or his father, Jon.

Wedding Party

Neko Papez - Best Man
Chris Jackson - Groomsman
Chase Winder - Groomsman
Brian Connor - Groomsman
Wes Uribe - Groomsman
Ben Kaufman - Groomsman
Victor Vong - Groomsman
Michele Milne - Maid of Honor
Scottie 'Skittle' Hill - Maid of Honor
Karisa Sanchez - Bridesmaid
Jordan Williams - Bridesmaid
Rachael Papez - Bridesmaid
Kayla Papez - Bridesmaid